CSFF Blog Tour – Scarlet, Day 3

Have I mentioned how much I love the CSFF Blog Tour? 😉 Well, I guess the real question is, have I mentioned it RECENTLY? Just in case, and for those who might be new to A Christian Worldview of Fiction, I LOVE the CSFF Blog Tours. This tour for Stephen R. Lawhead’s latest release, Scarlet illustrates why.

For one thing, I get to learn what people from all walks of life think about a book I’ve read. In some cases it validates what I thought and in others it causes me to re-evaluate my opinion.

I also get to learn more about the tour members. In this tour I learned an especially notable fact: a significant number of tour participants credit Stephen Lawhead with inspiring them to write fantasy or in some other way sparking their imagination. One blogger even points to Lawhead as the inspiration for transforming him into a reader. Powerful stuff.

A third reason I enjoy the blog tour so much is because I learn about the author. Lawhead has an impressive web site, in my opinion, complete with a reader forum. To be honest, with all the Lawhead fans in CSFF, I was a little surprised I didn’t recognize more names there, but that might be because others didn’t know about this discussion venue. I thought there was a substantial array of topics, including but not limited to Lawhead’s works.

From his web site, I also learned that The Dragon King Trilogy is now in hardback. Also, the much loved Song of Albion Trilogy has been re-released, this by WestBow (now Thomas Nelson).

One other bit of information. Some on the blog tour mentioned that the release of Tuck, book 3 in the King Raven Trilogy, isn’t scheduled until 2009 due to an illness. In part this information comes from the author note, “The Turbulent Times of William Scatlocke,” located in the back of Scarlet:

Generally speaking, it does take far longer to write a book than to read one—always a problem—and at this point I must beg your further indulgence as the writing and publication of Tuck, the third volume in the trilogy, will be delayed on account of a serious illness.

From prior information I understood this to be an illness Lawhead himself has experienced while others ascribed this to an illness in his family. Whichever, it seems apparent that we can add to our posting about the book, prayer for the author. [Edited to add: Katie Hart confirmed in her post today that the illness he referred to is his battle with cancer. She linked to her earlier post—from last February—when Mr. Lawhead had just undergone some aggressive treatment.]

Lastly, I have to mention, I love the blog tour because it helps me as a writer. I learn from what others talk about—what it was that caught their attention, that stayed with them, that sparks them to look forward to the next in the trilogy. These are helpful insights—the sort of information you’d expect from a focus group, perhaps. Great stuff.

Take time today and on through the rest of this week to see what I’m talking about. Again, those in bold are the ones I know already have at least one post up.

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