CSFF Blog Tour – Scarlet, Day 1

Stephen R. LawheadA CSFF Blog Tour—my favorite time to blog. 😀 This month we are featuring Scarlet, the work of perhaps the most famous Christian fantasy writer this side of C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien—Stephen R. Lawhead.

Lawhead’s list of books is impressive. From the Dragon King Trilogy to the Pendragon Cycle, the Song of Albion Trilogy, and now the King Raven Trilogy, he has made a name as a creator of myth.

I admit, apart from that information, I knew very little about the man, so I did a little research and developed a little quiz for you from my findings. Have fun.

1) Lawhead was born in
a. Oxford b. New York c. Kearney, Nebraska d. Tupelo, Mississippi

2) His wife, also a writer, is
a. Alice Slaikeu b. Janice Oranski c. Elizabeth Gradinow d. Pearl Abrahams

3) He has how many children?
a. Two daughters, Betsy and Diana b. Two sons, Ross and Drake c. a son Drake and a daughter Betsy d. he has no children

4) True or False
He is a former editor of Campus Life magazine.

5) True or False
For a time, he managed the singing group DeGarmo & Key.

6) True or False
For a year, he ran his own record company, Ariel Records.

7) True or False
He grew up as an atheist.

8 ) Lawhead became a Christian
a. in preschool b. in elementary school c. in high school d. as an adult

9) What school did Lawhead attend
a. Northern Baptist Theological Seminary b. Kearney State College c. both a and b d. he has no higher education

10) Scarlet is
a. the rewrite of the sequel to Gone with the Wind
b. the myth about Robin Hood’s true love, Lady Scarlet
c. a book about the blood-stained robe of Jesus
d. the story of Will Scarlet, one of the men giving allegiance to Robin Hood or King Raven

Answers posted below the list of other blog tour participants.

1. c Kearney, Nebraska
2. a. Alice Slaikeu
3. b. Two sons, Ross and Drake
4. True
5. True
6. True
7. False
8. c. in high school
9. c. both a and b
10. d. the story of Will Scarlet, one of the men giving allegiance to Robin Hood or King Raven

So how well did you do? 🙂

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