Fantasy Friday – The Challenge II Update

I’m putting together news items for the next issue of Latest In Spec Classifieds. If you are a fantasy—or speculative fiction of any stripe—fan and haven’t subscribed yet, I strongly encourage you to. This is the place that informs you of what others working in the genre are up to. It tells you where you can find reviews, interviews, podcasts, chats; it lets you know where and when authors will be appearing, what books are releasing, and … there’s a “Favorite Book Store” listing.

Here’s a great opportunity for those of you who would like to participate in the Fantasy Challenge II. By Monday, email the name and address of your favorite book store, Christian or other (not Amazon or Wal-Mart. Book store! 😀 ) to me at rluellam at earthlink dot net. I’ll list the store with the other favorites. When LIS comes out later in the week (PDF for those who subscribe, or you can find it at the LIS site), you can print it off and take it to the store you mentioned and give it to a manager. Last step. Come back here to A Christian Worldview of Fiction–Fantasy Challenge II and leave a comment, telling us what the manager did or said.

Of course there is another way to participate in the challenge, but I can tell you from personal experience, nothing gets the manager’s attention more than pointing to their store name in the “Favorites” section of the LIS Classifieds.

I mentioned I would also unveil the prizes for The Challenge. Here’s what I have so far: four copies of Raising Dragons by Bryan Davis (AMG Publishing), a copy of DragonFire by Donita Paul (WaterBrook), a copy of The Isle of Swords by Wayne Thomas Batson (Thomas Nelson). That’s six prizes, and there might be more! I’m holding off because … well, too long a story. Just to let you know, there might be something from Kathryn Mackel or Karen Hancock, but I’ll be able to let you know definitely after Thanksgiving.

Which reminds me. You do know the Fantasy Challenge II ends December 1, right?

Remember, participating in the challenge is easy this time of year because you’ll be out and about doing your Christmas shopping anyway, so stopping off at a book store and inquiring about Christian fantasy titles should be a simple add. And if you win, you’ve won yourself a pre-Christmas present. Or a possible Christmas present for the fantasy-lover in your midst. 😉

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