God Makes Himself Known

This is a variation of a journal entry I wrote over a year ago. It seems appropriate in light of a portion of the discussion from Friday’s post.

– – –

God wants to make Himself known—He doesn’t leave us in the dark. He’s put His fingerprints on all of creation. He whispers through His Holy Spirit and shouts through our circumstances. All is echoing His written Word.

He unveiled Himself most completely in His incarnation. He emptied Himself as a means of showing us the Father.

He is a communicator and has proved above all He wants to communicate to us concerning Himself—His character, His purpose, His plans, His work, His ways. It’s all there in Scripture. Even though He is far beyond my finite ability to comprehend His power and holiness, He gave Himself in the way I could best understand.

I am amazed.

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  1. The first thing I thought about when I started reading your post is that how much do we see God but it fails to impress up anymore. Much glory is given to a painter and his masterpiece but what about God’s creation of the different colors they use. It’s hard to keep that all in mind as it’s so common place but God does make himself known doesn’t He? Thanks so much for the beautiful post.
    Debbie aka The Real World Martha


  2. Amen, Becky.


  3. A-MEN, Becky!!! Isn’t God just awesome?? When we ask, he answers us in His word. So amazing!! I love this!



  4. Thanks so much for your encouraging comments. I really appreciate you taking the time.



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