Fantasy Challenge II

It’s official. Donita Paul did, in fact, win the ACFW Book of the Year first place award in the General Fiction category for DragonKnight. As in the Christy Awards, there evidently were not enough books entered in the SFF category to have it stand alone. Interestingly, Susan Page Davis won third place for Feather a juvenile fantasy that would probably have been placed in the YA category if there had been enough of those entrants. Congratulations to both authors.

Speaking of contests, all the Harvest House Talk Like a Pirate winning “essays” have been posted at Cap’s Pub. I can’t help mentioning that the entry posted on the twentieth was written by a former member of my critique group. She is a talented, talented humor writer, and if she can keep writing, I’m confident you’ll hear lots more about her.

Now, to the real subject for today’s post: Fantasy Challenge II.

This is a two-month-long contest designed to encourage you all to talk up Christian fantasy at your local book stores. If Christian fantasy is to succeed, people must buy the books. For people to buy the books, they need to be on book store shelves.

Of course, I do know that many of you buy your books at Amazon or or the like. You are the computer savvy folks. But I recently read that something like 30 percent of books are being sold on line. So the bulk of sales still come from book stores. And I can guarantee you, unless a person has a specific title in mind when they go into the store, they will buy what’s before them, often never knowing something else they might enjoy more even exists.

So here’s the challenge.

Go to a local book store, Christian or ABA, chain or independent, and do one of three things:

    1. Buy a book. This is especially a good thing to do, and since Christmas is just behind this two-month challenge, you might start thinking who you know that would enjoy a Christian fantasy.

    2. Talk to a clerk or manager about a specific Christian fantasy title, either asking if they’ve heard of it or why they don’t stock it, or commending them for having it on their shelves. You might even put in a plug, saying you hope they carry many more titles like it.

    3. This one has several parts. Click over to Latest In Spec (or when the call for news goes out, email the information to me) and leave information on your Favorite Book Store—name and address. When the issue with your book store releases, print out the entire copy and take it to the book store to give to your store manager. It really does work.

Here’s a list of suggested titles (sorry, sci fi’ers. This really is a fantasy challenge).

By Sharon Hinck

    The Restorer
    *The Restorer’s Son

By Wayne Thomas Batson

    The Door Within
    The Rise of the Wyrm Lord
    The Final Storm
    *Isle of Swords

By Kathryn Mackel


By George Bryan Polivka

    Legend of the Firefish
    The Hand That Bears the Sword
    *The Battle for Vast Dominion

By Donita Paul


By Karen Handcock

    Light of Eidon
    Shadow Within
    Shadow of Kiriath
    *Return of the Guardian-King

By R. K. Mortenson

    Landon Snow and the Auctor’s Riddle
    Landon Snow and the Shadows of Malus Quidam
    Landon Snow and the Island of Arcanum
    Landon Snow and the Volcer Dragon
    *Landon Snow and the Auctor’s Kingdom

By Bryan Davis

    Dragons in Our Midst
    The Candlestone
    Circles of Seven
    Tears of a Dragon

By Jeffrey Overstreet

    *Auralia’s Colors

By Gregory Spenser

    *Guardian of the Veil

By Christopher Hooper

    Rise of the Dibor: The White Lion Chronicles
    *The Lion Vrie: Book II of The White Lion Chronicles

By Stephen Lawhead

    The Paradise War: Book One in The Song of Albion
    The Silver Hand: Book Two in The Song of Albion Trilogy
    Hood (The King Raven Trilogy, Book 1)
    *Scarlet (The King Raven Trilogy, Book 2)

By Jonathan Rogers

    Bark of the Bog Owl
    The Secret of the Swamp King
    *The Way of the Wilderking

By Robin Parrish


This list, of course, is not exhaustive, and you can see I’ve mixed in adult, YA, and juvenile into one list, in no special order.

+ACFW Genesis Award Winner
*Latest release

Here’s how you become eligible for one of the various prizes several of our authors are donating. After you visit your book store, come back here to A Christian Worldview of Fiction and leave a comment with this information.

1. Who you talked to (clerk, manager)
2. When you visited the store.
3. What book you purchased, ordered, discussed. Or which issue of LIS you gave them.
4. What response you got.

That’s it.

You may enter as many times as you wish. The more the merrier, I always say! 😀

Have fun.

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