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I’ve spent more time this weekend scouring the web to find out who won the ACFW Genesis and Book of the Year contests—the first because I have friends who finaled and the last because I was a judge.

So far, only partial results have been posted—ANYWHERE. It’s curious.

Since I’m a fantasy writer I will happily share results I found that include writers in my genre.


Sci Fi/Fantasy
First Place – Sally Apokedak
Second Place – Chris Mikesell
Third Place – Rebecca Grabill

Third Place – Sally Apokedak

General Fiction
First Place – Donita Paul (I’m pretty sure, but not a hundred precent)

Congratulations to all, y’all! 😀

– – –

I was planning on introducing Fantasy Challenge II today, but there is a more pressing something I need to draw to your attention.

As you might realize, Sunday marked the beginning of autumn, better known as fall. 😉

This fall’s events include Fall into Reading hosted by Katrina over at Calapidder Days. If you want to jump in and be eligible for the $10.00 Amazon gift certificate drawing, you’ll need to post no later than Wednesday.

Post what? you say. Why, your list of books you hope to read this fall.

So here are mine, in no particular order:

  • Auralia’s Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet (WaterBrook). This is a fantasy I’m reading to see if we may wish to feature it on the CSFF Blog Tour. So far the reviews I’ve seen make it look like a viable candidate.
  • Scarlet by Stephen Lawhead. This is the November CSFF selection. I probably should read Hood first and will try if I get time.
  • Crimson Eve by Brandilyn Collins (Zondervan). I’m reading this one for the CFBA tour, but I also respect Brandilyn as a writer and want to learn from her.
  • The Dun Cow by Walter Wangerin. I started this a looong time ago and got stalled. It’s a good book, so I do want to finish.
  • Then on my wish list—these are the books I want to read just because I think they’ll be fun to read. There are many, many more I would love to read. Practically though, it looks like fall will be tied up with editing and writing, so this is a short list:

  • DragonFire by Donita Paul (WaterBrook). The bookstore called me Saturday to let me know the copy I ordered is in. I hope to pick it up today.
  • Landon Snow and the Volucer Dragon by R. K. Mortenson (Barbour). Still some of the best covers for juvenile fiction.
  • Restorer’s Journey by Sharon Hinck (NavPress). This depends on whether or not I can get my hands on an ARC. I hope so because I can hardly wait to read the third book.
  • Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince by J. K. Rowling.
  • Your turn. Make your list, then link to Fall into Reading and let’s get it on! 😉

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    1. I’m reading Hood so Scarlet will have to come next. Enjoy the Potter series…


    2. Thanks for posting the results. I hadn’t seen them anywhere and it’s made me very frustrated. It seems it shouldn’t be too much to ask to send emails out.


    3. Loved the Potter series! Happy reading!


    4. Okay, so where’s Isle of Swords on that list, Becky? {stomps around room waving fists in the air} This be anti-pirate discrimination. Avast ye, and all that! Where’s the love?




    5. My husband really enjoyed Donita Paul’s books and keeps telling me I need to read them. I will…eventually… my book pile is big, I don’t know when I’ll get to everything! Thanks for being part of the challenge, and for spreading the word to others!


    6. Thanks all for dropping by and checking out my fall reading list.

      Wayne, I almost added Isle of Swords. Thing is, I’m thinking I might wait for book 2 and read them together. Maybe not. I actually planned on buying it when I made my stop at the book store and didn’t see it. Sooooo, when I pick up DragonFire (still haven’t done that) I’ll have another fantasy to ask about. 😀



    7. I’m with Wayne. I’ve already promised him that as soon as I get Forever Richard this FALL, that I’ll read his Isle of Swords. But I didn’t see Never Ceese on your list either. And that would be a great edition to a Fall list. Of course, I’m a little bias. 🙂

      And now I’m looking sadly over at your Fantasy Authors and don’t see my name. 😦

      But awwwww, I can’t be on everybodys list!

      God Bless,
      Sue Dent


    8. Oh HA! I just read your post ALL the way through and realized I can make my own book list. That’s what I get for not reading. Sorry. So feel free to delete both of these as I can’t see how to do this. Arrrrggghhh!


    9. Hey, Sue, I’m going to leave your comments if you don’t object. It’s good to have people realize the fantasy list really IS NOT EXHAUSTIVE, and your book is living proof.

      And yes, the Fall into Reading lists are ones each person makes individually. Some books I’m committed to because of the blog tour and others because I want to study a particular writer (“Ya mean I have to read for my job???” 😉 ) Then there are some I just want to read because I enjoy a good story like everyone else.



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