Latest In Spec Classifieds

It works! 😀

I mentioned recently I made a stop at my local Christian bookstore. One thing I didn’t tell you was that I went in armed. My weapon of choice was a copy of Latest In Spec which I’d printed out. This wasn’t any old copy, mind you. This was the copy in which this particular bookstore was named.

For those of you who are scratching your heads, wondering what in the world Latest In Spec Classifieds is, you can read the earlier short posts describing it here and here.

One section in this newsletter/classifieds (the latter term is really more accurate)—a relatively new section—is “Favorite Bookstores.” I turned in three or so in my area that I frequent from time to time.

On this latest visit to the nearest store, before I even bought anything, I went to the counter and asked for the manager. “Moi,” the woman said (though I put it in French just to make the story sound more interesting—hey, I’m a fiction writer! 😉 )

I told her what LIS is and turned to page two, pointing to her store name under Favorite Bookstores. Her eyes lit up at once and she picked up the paper to look more closely. That’s when I told her she could keep that copy.

And in that copy? New speculative book releases, lists of reviews, author appearances, AND how to subscribe to LIS. Lots more, too. Now she has that paper in her hands, to look over, to pass along, to subscribe. Has she? I don’t know.

What I DO know is, because that manager saw her store listed in the publication, she took a copy of LIS Classifieds. And because it is in her hands, the likelihood of her reading the other content is greater.

I mention this because next week I’ll be introducing Fantasy Challenge II, and one of the easiest ways of connecting with a store manager is to give them something, especially if it includes a listing of their store.

Definitely Fantasy Challenge II will include things like turning in favorite bookstores to LIS and taking a copy of the issue to the manager of said store. I know first hand now, not just in theory, that this little marketing ploy works!

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