What’s the Church For?

I saw a headline this morning from One News Now about how children are not equipped to evangelize. The answer, according to the article? Open more Christian schools to teach them.

But what is it churches are doing? Could it be they have become sidetracked from the function of equipping the saints? Perhaps they are too busy serving coffee and donuts on Sunday morning, or planning camping trips, or organizing rallies against abortion or homosexuality or drumming up support for their favorite political candidate.

Don’t get me wrong. In the US we have the responsibility of voting and should take that obligation seriously, and I believe the Bible gives clear principles opposing abortion and homosexuality. But when it comes to changing lives, Scripture makes it plain that all of us need regeneration which comes from believing in what Jesus accomplished through His shed blood.

The other activities—fellowship gatherings and the like—certainly, are not WRONG, in and of themselves. But isn’t the church the place where believers are to be equipped to face the world so they can be salt and light?

Please understand, I taught in Christian schools as long as I was an educator. I love Christian schools centered on teaching truth through the lens of Scripture. It makes the most sense to me, and I doubt I could teach any other way.

However, I do not think Christian schools should be looked at as the answer for failing homes or for failing churches.

Christian schools, in my opinion, should not be reformatories when parents have lost their ability to discipline their kids; and neither should Christian schools be founded to equip the saints when churches have stopped trying.

Worst of all, this call for more Christian schools was a denominational thing. Instead of the denominational leadership admonishing their pastors and church leaders to equip their people, especially their youth, they decide a school is needed instead.

How about a return to pastors teaching the Word of God? Seems like there are some pretty good examples in the Bible of how to evangelize.

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