Second Open Letter to CSFF Readers

I’m a “save the best ’til last” person. The only problem with that is, the best might appear to be tacked on. In some cases, you might even run out of time and have to rush through the best. But it’s really the way fiction works. And a lot of music. There’s an impressive opening perhaps, but the bulk of the work builds up to a grand finale.

I’m hoping you’ll see today’s post as the grand finale to this topic of readers participating in the marketing of CSFF books. Though in saying that, I am not intimating I won’t continue to talk about the subject. I have nothing planned for the moment, so where I sit, this is a finale. And it is grand. The GRANDEST.

OK, before I delve into it, I suggest you read Wayne Thomas Batson’s comment to yesterday’s post. Wayne is the author of the highly successful Door Within Trilogy, the subject of January’s CSFF Blog Tour. Because these comments are extensive, I’ll aim to keep my post relatively short.

What is the grand finale of, what CSFF readers can do to help market the fiction they love? Pray. Yep, pray. It is the most powerful, effective tool Christians have. If our intention is indeed to bring attention to God-glorifying fiction, then it seems to me we are in agreement with God, because He wants His glory known.

I will say, prayer is not us trying to talk God into doing what we think is best. It is not us putting our request into the all-powerful vending machine of heaven and, as long as we’ve provided the sufficient amount of faith, getting what we want.

God, being sovereign, will do what He knows is best and as a result does say no at times to things we ask. However, He also makes it clear in Scripture that He wants us to be involved in the process of His provision, and that prayer actually does make a difference.

How, is beyond me. Beyond us all, because prayer is something God provides for us as well as commands of us. I know there’s a lot of theology we could dig into here, but again, I don’t want to digress. Instead, I want to suggest some specific things we can pray for together:

  • CSFF writers will glorify God in their writing
  • those CSFF writers under contract will continue to work at their craft to produce the best quality they can
  • those CSFF writers not under contract will do what they can to improve their writing and to support the books already on the shelves.
  • encouragement and perseverance for authors, both those not published and those published but not seeing the sales they wish for or the contract they need.
  • agents willing to take on new CSFF writers
  • publishing houses willing to start or expand their list of CSFF books/authors
  • marketing people who will have a vision of reaching the 20-something readers, men and women, with CSFF
  • sales representatives who can get CSFF books in the most strategic places
  • bookstores eager to include CSFF in their inventory, willing to feature the books, and to work with authors in the promotion
  • readers, especially readers who will pass on the joy of what they have read to others
  • Now that’s something all of us can be involved in. Maybe we can agree to do this together. If you’re interested, let me know in the comments that you’ll be praying for the next however-long—week, month, six months—and every however-often (every day, every Friday, every five minutes 😉 ).

    I’ll start. I plan to pray every Friday for the next six months for the various people involved in CSFF fiction. Who else?

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    1. I’m in for prayer! At least once a day.

      And while you’re at it, I have a little selfish prayer request. I have a Dec. 31 deadline for Isle of Swords, my next book–a pirate adventure, Arrrrrr…

      Lots of writing and fine tuning–and oh, yes, family and Christmas in between. YIPE. :0 Anyone with a prayer to spare, I’d sure appreciate it.

      He is able, more than able, to handle anything that comes my way…

      {I’m singing now, sorry about that.}



    2. GREAT post, Becky.
      I was thinking about this issue today, and feeling fatalistic (in a pious Christian way of course)… not exactly “que sera, sera” but more of “As the Lord wills.” But you’ve knocked my pessimistic fatalism right out of me. Pray I will!

      By the way, I posted over at Spec Fiction – you credited me with having published nine non-fiction books (which I’d LOVE to claim!) but those books (all listed on my websites) are compilations that I contributed to. They are not solely MY books. 🙂

      I got my hot-off-the-press author copy of RENOVATING BECKY MILLER today, and she looks GORGEOUS!


    3. […] First, you can still leave a comment to yesterday’s Open Letter. As important as it is for us to do things like write publishing houses and tell our friends about the CSFF books we like, it is more important that we let our requests be made known to our good and wise and all-powerful Father. Not everyone will feel comfortable announcing that they are so praying, and that’s fine too. I know other people are praying who have not left comments. I find encouragement, however, in knowing that other believers are united with me, praying for the same cause, but that’s me. […]


    4. Wayne, I’ll be praying about that writing deadline, too. That’s actually mine as well, but it’s self-imposed, which is so different.

      Sharon, I can hardly wait for Renovating to release, and even more so until Restorer comes off the presses. Whoo-hoo! Have you been busy! 😮 Much prayer for you, too.



    5. Praying, of course! As often as the Lord brings it to mind …


    6. Thanks, Shannon. It is great to know!



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