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I knew I would leave some of the bloggers out who I’d specifically wanted to mention. I know I’ll probably do it again today, but then that will give me an excuse to talk about fantasy again. 😀

In the category of posting without the advantage of having a review copy of the book to read, special mention to Caleb Newell. His post, which also could qualify for best post just under the wire, 😉 is so thorough, giving readers an overview of Kathryn Mackel’s series, the Birthright Project, specific information about the featured book, Trackers, and information about the author and her web site as well. Wow! Impressive work.

Most uplifting post would go to Karen Hancock for expressing a Christian worldview on the publishing process, contrasted with the perspective the world has to offer.

Bloggers exploring the way the publishing industry works include Mark Goodyear and Gene Curtis. Actually, I don’t think Mark’s link found its way onto the participants’ list, but his posts were some of the most thoughtful about the CSFF genre. Well worth the read.

Most mysterious post will have to go to Sharon Hinck because I can’t open her blog. Odd! Sort of like those Blogger beta comment boxes that won’t accept my posts. 😡

But speaking of Sharon, be sure to stop by her blog to see the cover of her first fantasy, Restorer (NavPress) due for release in the spring. In my opinion, that cover is impressive—makes me want the book NOW!

Finally, this note from our featured author, Kathryn Mackel:

Please forward this to the group for me.

Thank you for all your hard work on my behalf. I am grateful beyond words (and that’s saying a lot). I pray you all are blessed as you’ve blessed me and, for those of you who are writers, that I will someday be reviewing your books!

Merry Christmas, Kathy Mackel

Now that’s pretty great.

Speaking of great (OK, I’m taking back the above “finally”), Mirtika Schultz posted a week ago Thursday as a follow up to what another blogger said because of what this blogger said:

As I blog-hop each day, there are certain ladies who consistently reflect to me a manifestation of just such light, life, joy, peace, and power. Yet how often they go unrecognized because I haven’t time to comment or e-mail. And how often some of them go unrecognized because they write about the “hard” things. Because they don’t seek “readership.” They just write what the Lord has laid on their hearts. Day after day. Week after week. These ladies are as “Mercy Drops” to me in what can often be a dark and stormy world – and blogosphere. They are regular sources of refreshment and revival for me.
—Healed Waters blog entry “Mercy Drops Round Us Are Falling”

Mir is certainly one person who challenges me, keeps me from settling for the status quo, makes me think, by example spurs me to work harder, write better. To have such a person in the CSFF writing community is a mercy, without a doubt.

But here’s the great part, Mir asked this question to close her post:

Who are your blogospheric “mercy drops”?

Great question. Tough though. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Sharon Hinck. Though I can’t read her blog, I do get her newsletter and e-mails. Sharon is a genuine, transparent, godly woman whose example of patience, trust in God, and perseverance are models for me to follow.
  • Tina Kulesa. This woman goes above and beyond, all behind the scenes and without anyone else’s thanks, to help the CSFF Blog Tour grow and thrive. Her generosity and selflessness make me speechless. (Y’all can sit down and stop applauding now, unless the raucous cheering is for Tina. 😀 )
  • Only one more, if I’m to follow Mir’s lead. So many to choose from.

  • Beth Goddard. Beth’s example of humility, kindness, and encouragement point me to Jesus. What more can I say?
  • OK, now I’m turning Mir’s question back on you. Who are your Mercy Drops from the healing waters falling all around?

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