Fantasy Tidbits

I love fantasy, which is maybe one of the reasons I love the CSFF Blog Tours so much. First I’ve had a chance to read a fantasy or SF book, then I get to talk about it plus visit other blogs and read what they’ve said.

During this last tour, I thought there were some exceptional posts. I hesitate to list any because I didn’t think to start writing them down until half way through my visits to the other sites.

Here are the ones I remember (so there are probably a good number others that also belong on the list).

In the category of Interview: Beth Goddard with her two-part interview was very strong. A close second was Valerie Comer and her scoop with Mackel regarding the cancelled third book of the Birthright Project.

For reviews: Lots of good ones. Start with Stuart Stockton who has a good mix of praise and criticism, but don’t miss Frank Creed‘s, Jason Joyner‘s, Mirtika Schultz‘s, or Tina Kulesa‘s.

I think Tina also takes the prize (if there was one 🙂 ) for overall tour performance. Her three-day posts were interesting, informative, helpful. She provided great links to other sites for further reading. Mir’s is right up there, too.

Valerie should be acknowledged also for her links to other bloggers and sites. She has a wonderful array besides faithfully linking to all participants all three days.

Shannon McNear once again comes up with a creative idea—an e-mail campaign to WestBow/Thomas Nelson encouraging them to publish book 3,Scouts of the Birthright Project. I respect Mackel for not trying to organize such a push, but I don’t see that it could hurt for her fans to voice an opinion, with courtesy and even gratefulness for the publisher bringing the books to print in the first place. If you’re interested in such, you can contact them here.

Speaking of publishers, as some might know, Harvest House is bringing out a fantasy trilogy next year. Senior Editor Nick Harrison agreed to an interview about their dip into fantasy, and I’ll be posting that on Monday over at Speculative Faith. Pass the word and be sure to drop by yourself.

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