CSFF Blog Tour—Trackers, Day 1

I am amazed, really. Back in May a group of eleven bloggers started out highlighting Tim Frankovich’s site, Christian Fiction Review, in particular his Focus on Fantasy page. Today we head into our December tour with thirty-nine participants, fifty CSFF members, and over sixty interested persons on our mailing list.

God is gracious to give us this kind of growth. The word is spreading more and more rapidly that there are Christian science fiction or fantasy books on the market, there are writers who want to glorify God through speculative stories.

I am delighted. Just think of each of these bloggers telling their readers about CSFF books.

This, of course, is my intention as well. The selection this month is Kathryn Mackel’s Trackers. To be honest with you, I entered this tour with a little fear and trepidation. Well, that’s hyperbolic, and I said I would be honest. Let’s say, I had reservations, based on a supernatural thriller of Mackel’s I reviewed earlier in the year. That genre is not the kind I enjoy. Would Mackel’s fantasy tend toward this same kind of darkness?

Yes and no. Yes, there is darkness because, after all, fantasy is about a struggle between good and evil. Evil, therefore, has to be present … and formidable. But the presence of good is stronger, not just in the external conflict but in the emphasis of the book. It is about redemption and forgiveness much more than it is about sin’s power.

I’ll be giving a full review of Trackers on Wednesday.

In my post over at Speculative Faith, I gave an introduction to it, and I encourage you to read that, as well as Beth Goddard‘s interview with Mackel at her blog, Writing with Fire.

Of course, those are just starting places. The others in the tour this month are as follows:

  • Jim Black
  • Jackie Castle
  • Valerie Comer
  • Frank Creed
  • Gene Curtis
  • Chris Deanne
  • Janey DeMeo
  • April Erwin
  • Beth Goddard
  • Todd Michael Greene
  • Karen Hancock
  • Elliot Hanowski
  • Katie Hart
  • Sherrie Hibbs
  • Sharon Hinck
  • Joleen Howell
  • Jason Joyner
  • Karen and at Karen’s myspace
  • Oliver King
  • Tina Kulesa
  • Lost Genre Guild
  • Kevin Lucia and The Bookshelf Reviews 2.0 – The Compendium
  • Terri Main
  • Rachel Marks
  • Shannon McNear
  • Caleb Newell
  • Eve Nielsen
  • John Otte
  • Cheryl Russel
  • Hannah Sandvig
  • Mirtika Schultz
  • James Somers
  • Stuart Stockton
  • Steve Trower
  • Speculative Faith
  • Chris Walley
  • Daniel I. Weaver
  • Timothy Wise
  • Enjoy touring. 😀

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