A Christian Worldview of God, Day 8—The Writer’s Perspective

When I first started voicing my views of writing in a public forum, more than two years ago at the Faith in Fiction Discussion Board, I felt suddenly vulnerable. Here I was, stating what I believed about the craft and how it ought to be done. Wouldn’t everything I wrote then be held up in that light?

Probably so. I mean, in all of life, if we say one thing and do another, our inconsistency is soon discovered.

But I don’t think the pressure of taking a stand is a bad thing—scary, but not bad. It actually works in the same way that accountability does.

So if I say, XYZ about writing and then feel under compunction to be sure I do XYZ in my own fiction because the whole world—well, the reading public that stops by here 😉 —knows I took that stand, that’s a good thing.

I feel the same way about these comments about God in the last series of posts.

So this week I was working on a short story for the Writer’s Digest short short story contest. The last one I wrote, I ended up selling, so even though I have little to no hope of winning the contest, it does teach me more about writing fiction and gives me a chance to experiment a little. Throw in the possibility of selling the story and I’m there. 🙂 I guess I need the deadline push that contests give.

Anyway, I got an idea for the story, had no trouble with the beginning (surprisingly), but I didn’t know how to show God. YIKES! Wasn’t that the very thing we’d been talking about?

After much prayer, I ended up writing something different than what I’d intended at the start. And how did I show God? Metaphorically. Nothing more, really. Well, I guess there is a justice factor, too, that obliquely shows His character.

Part of me wants to be disappointed because this is not the type of story the magazine which published last year’s contest entry will be interested in. And at the same time, a good many people that read it will miss the underlying reference to God. Which is to say, it is most definitely not allegorical.

But I can’t really feel disappointed, because God answered my prayers about what direction to take. My conculsion: writing about God is no different than writing about anything else when it comes to its impact. I need to trust that He will use it as He sees fit, as I relinquish it to Him.

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