A Christian Worldview of God, Part 7 or Why I Love Him, A Thanksgiving Tribute

No post tomorrow, folks. Enjoy the day. Happy Thanksgiving to those of you U. S.’ers.

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Why I love God.

The plain reason is, because He loved me first.

He sky-writes that love with every display of His character, with His every act, His every word, with what He plans and purposes.

He is compassionate and understanding, knowing my frailty, that I am but dust. He sympathizes with my weakness and as a result, provides a way of escape from the enticements meant to lure me from Him.

He knows I’d flounder, if left on my own, so He’s given me His Spirit to be with me always, to comfort me, pray on my behalf, to guide me into truth, and keep me until that day when I’ll see God in person.

He pardoned my iniquity—the thing that obstructed me from having a relationship with Him. He forgives me my trespasses—the stuff I continue to do that grieves Him.

But He’s jealous. He wants my whole heart, my undivided love. In fact, His Holiness requires it. My waywardness and His purity are like oppiste magnetic poles. They do not … cannot connect.

With His Son as the mediator, the piece that provides the connection, I enjoy God’s complete acceptance.

More than acceptance. Because of His mercy, He redresses me in the suitable garment of His righteousness, allowing me to stand clean before Him.

I’m only scratching the surface. How can I describe His holiness or justice, His protection, His power or provision?

He is—from before the foundation of the world—and always will be. No one is more permanent, more dependable, more secure, more trustworthy or reliable. He is the Rock that is higher than I.

And He is my Father, my Friend.

Simply, He loves me to Himself.

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