CSFF Blog Tour—Landon Snow, Day 1

Landon Snow is a boy who loves his family, but especially his grandparents, residents of Button Up, Minnesota. Visiting them means he gets to have lemon bars, which his grandmother always makes especially for him, and he gets to visit the Button Up Library where magical adventures take place. Literally.

Landon Snow, by the way, resides within the pages of R. K. Mortenson’s fantasy series, and as the back of his first book, Landon Snow and the Auctor’s Riddle,

    Landon Snow and the Auctors Riddle

warns, you’ll need to be careful not to lean too closely because “this book may swallow.”

Mortenson has a wonderful imagination and a real command of language. His stories, peopled with interesting characters, are inventive, fun, and funny, with ever-more serious dangers. You can get an introduction to them for yourself by visiting the Landon Snow web site.

Here’s a sample of his writing from the first book, where we get an introduction Landon’s relationship with his sister, Holly:

Holly’s straight blond hair shifted back and forth as she swiched her gaze. She was ten years old, too, not even a full year younger than Landon. For an agonizing three weeks and three days, she and Landon were the same age. Even though his hair was much redder than hers, some people asked if they were twins because they were about the same height. Holly liked to say, “Yes, except we were born 341 days apart.” And then Landon would feel his face warm up to match his hair color. Thank goodness his birthday was tomorrow! He would be older than Holly again for the rest of he year.

By the third book, Landon is in middle school, plays running back on the football team, and is primed for another great adventure.

On Wednesday I’ll give my review of this latest in the series, Landon Snow and the Island of Arcanum. For now, let me say, this is a wonderful series for middle grade kids especially, though adults who read it aloud to them will enjoy it as much or more.

And, the books would make a pretty great Christmas gift for that little bookworm in your family.

Take some time this week to see what others in the CSFF Blog Tour are saying about Landon and company:

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  1. This is so cool! Thanks, Becky. Be blessed today….


  2. Really great review, Becky! It’s a great book isn’t it?


  3. Hmmm… I just happen to have some young readers in the house and Christmas IS just around the corner…


  4. Randy, thanks so much for stopping by. Hopefully day 2 will be even better. (Talking about the tour as a whole, here. No promises on my one post. 😉 )

    Thaks, Rachel. I guess that post was a review of Randy’s writing. I do like Island. Very entertaining.

    And James, I’m excited for you—that you discovered the books just in time for Christmas. Hopefully many more folks will as well.



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