A Christian Worldview of God, Day 1

Someone might think this a strange topic. A Christian worldview of God?

Actually this is my passion. One of the things that is a distinctive of my fiction, in my view, is my determination to show God as He reveals Himself in the Bible. Not that I can ever do that completely. That’s much like trying to catch the wind.

And yet, in the process of writing and reading a story that aims to show God as He is, I think we can come away thinking more deeply about Him, searching the pages of Scripture and spending more time in thought and prayer.

What spurred me to address the topic here is a post I read at J. Mark Bertrand’s site in which he discussed Lisa Samson’s article at the Master’s Artist, A Theology of Comfort, Detrimental to the Christian Artist. Among Lisa’s thought-provoking comments, she said:

What God am I writing about? Walking the gritty edge may be realistic, but am I willing to portray a God who laid down power, allowed Himself to be spat upon and still opened not his mouth?

Lisa points out that much fiction in the CBA portrays God as loving, wanting to bless us, to alleviate pain, to be our Great Physician (my paraphrase of her view). All this is true, but it is not all of who He reveals Himself to be.

Where is the portrayal of the suffering Servant—the image her words evoked in me. Where is the just Judge? Or the Avenger? The Jealous One? It might be uncomfortable to think of God in these terms because they don’t square with the picture of the kind grandfather we usually think of. Or the harried customer-service rep. Or the blank wall we sometimes feel we’re praying to.

Here’s the point. If we let a certain attribute dominate our thinking about God, we will end up having a shallow understanding of who He is.

Good Christian fiction shows multi-dimensional characters, but we have settled for a one-dimensional God. And yet He actually is the most complex person of all. Maybe it’s time our fiction started reflecting this.

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