What’s in Store for Fantasy?

My poor dial-up program had problems yesterday, preventing me from getting on the internet. The result was, I had lots of time to run errands and get to the polls to vote. Another residual effect was that I learned I like to blog! 🙂 I really do. I missed not posting something, though I haven’t determined the next topic I want to discuss.

I’ll confess, I’m quite caught up in all things fantasy right now. Besides the CSFF Blog Tour we just finished, we’re gearing up for the next one featuring R. K. Mortenson’s third Landon Snow book and, then I have a seminar I will present to a group of teachers about fantasy.

Of course I continue to write Battle for RevĂ­n, third in the Chronicles of Efrathah trilogy. In addition, I wrote a fantasy story for the Writer’s Digest WD Popular Fiction Awards contest and hope still to write another for The Sword Review.

And the big thing, at least I hope it will prove so, is the collaboration with the Lost Genre Guild (LGG) founder, Frank Creed, to develop a resource for Christians writing science fiction or fantasy. I’m referring to the newsletter we are planning to produce that will let fans of the genre know what is happening.

For example, some members of the LGG had not heard of Dragons, Knights, and Angels until CSFF Blog Tour featured the web-zine last month. Others (I was one until a month or so ago when Shannon filled me in) may not know about Chris Walley, fantasy author with Tyndale.

Who knows where Bryan Davis will be speaking next week? Or what new interview Jeff Gerke posted at WhereTheMapEnds.com, what new review is posted at Christian Fandom, or when Sharon Hinck‘s fantasy book will be released?

These are the kinds of things I want to see made readily available, not just within the writer community, but to readers. In other words, I envision creating a hub that can point writers and readers alike to all things having to do with Christian science fiction and fantasy.

In no way would we be a duplication of the great things already taking place—on-line publications for stories and poetry, reviews, interviews, discussion forums, blogs. Others, some for years, have worked hard to establish their web presence.

But what I see are more and more small ventures cropping up. An author here, a review web site there, a blog tour, a team blog, then another. All good things and all offering something different, something worthwhile. What I think we need is some way to come together.

So I envision this Spec Newsletter as a publication to inform the subscribing public of what’s happening and let them flock to what interests them.

Anyway, I’m still trying to sort out how to actually make this happen. By God’s grace, and as it would serve His purposes, it will.

– – –

Happy news, at least for one. The winner of Mirtika Schultz‘s free critique is Tina Kulesa. Congratulations!

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