CSFF Blog Tour:DKA, Day 3—A Review

First, today is the last day to make a comment if you would like your name entered in Mir’s contest. First (and only) prize is a free 5-page fiction critique (or a 1-page poem critique). Remember to mention the contest when you leave your comment.

We had a spirited discussion (love those 😀 ) about the popular term “edgy” in the comments section after yesterday’s post. Thanks to all who voiced an opinion.

One thing I enjoy about blog tours is seeing what other people who look at the same work I do, have to say. It is amazing to see a blogger’s personality come out—rarely do two people comment in the same way or about the same things. Similar, maybe. But believe it or not, we had a couple people use the exact same titles for their blog entries about our feature. I’ll let you ferret out which ones.

I read some interesting reviews yesterday. John Otte comes to mind as one blogger who posted reviews of some of the stories published in Dragons, Knights, and Angels, the web-zine we are currently featuring.

Hoping I won’t come across as too much of a copycat, I decided to do a review as well. I looked for a fantasy story rather than sci-fi or speculative, since that is my particular genre, and settled on “Fang of the Serpent” by Scott M. Sandridge, published in Issue 36.

This story is about a young woman living under a curse that prevents her from feeling. Her powerful enemy entices her to betray her brother in exchange for learning how to bring an end to the curse.

I found the story to be entertaining. There were a number of surprises—all Orcs aren’t bad, for instance.

The protagonist was a strong, skilled woman, a believable character in the Zena-Warrior-Princess mold.

I had a little trouble caring what happened to her, her brother, or the man she helped in the beginning, which generally tells me the characters weren’t particularly engaging. They were three-dimensional, but I didn’t really connect with them.

The plot was fast paced, the action clear and easy to follow, even the fight scenes. I found it to be a little jam-packed in such a short piece.

The theme was not overt, in the sense that the author beat you over the head with it, but it was unmistakable.

Overall, I enjoyed Sandridge’s imaginative world. I can see him succeeding at a novel-length work if he spent more time developing characters that readers will love.

“Fang of the Serpent” is a good read, one I recommend.

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    1. Rebecca, do I go to Mir’s blog to enter the contest? Or do I just tell you?

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    2. Chris D, I’ll enter you. You don’t have to post at my blog. Rebecca simply would have sent me the names of the contestants from her blog. But since I saw this one by you, consider yourself entry number 5. 🙂



    3. Just to make sure…I did hope to be entered in the contest. 0=)


    4. You were entered, Remade. 🙂

      But…Tina Kulesa won. Thanks to all the entrants.



    5. Thanks for the review! 🙂


    6. […] “”Fang of the Serpent” is a good read, one I recommend.” – Rebecca Miller, A Christian Worldview of Fiction […]


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