A CSFF Surprise

Of course those of you non-science fiction or fantasy writers are free to listen in 😉 In fact you many wonder what would prompt me to break from the norm.

Introduce a new topic on a FRIDAY?? What am I thinking? And end a discussion on Part 3?? How … uneven!

All fun aside, I want to alert readers to a very cool, very exclusive post coming Monday over at Speculative Faith, and you’ll be given the exclusive first look!

Any guesses what I’ll be posting? Might be a free book in it for the first person who comes up with the correct specifics. Except … I don’t think I can hold out. I want to post the announcement to other CSFF sites so everyone has a chance to enjoy this distinct treat.

That article will be a first ever, one you will not want to miss. Not because of anything I will be saying, but because … well, I might as well just tell you.

I queried an individual I thought SFF writers would like to hear from, about participating in an interview, and he agreed. So Monday if you click on over to Spec Faith, you can read my exchange with new Zondervan editor, Andy Meisenheimer. Yep, THE Andy Meisenheimer a number of you have been talking about and wondering about.

He’s taken time to tell us a little about himself and to give us some thoughts about science fiction and fantasy.

And in case you forget, I’ll give you a reminder Monday when I post here. (Lord willing, and the creek don’t rise, as my dear mother used to say. 😉 )

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