Women in the Church

So what is the role of women in the church?

I’m asking because in a comment to yesterday’s post, Marvin brought up the idea of women serving as elders.

It seems to me this is an idea fueled by our culture but not supported by Scripture.

Now remember, I’ve defined myself as more of a Mary than a Martha. Meaning, I would much rather hang out with the guys who are talking theology than scurry around the kitchen preparing dinner or serving dessert.

The thing is, Jesus did not rebuke Mary but commended her. And yet, dinner needed to be prepared, did it not? I mean, at some point, the folks had to eat.

So, to speak practically, there are jobs in the church that need doing and they may not be glamorous, but a person with a servant’s heart will step up and do them.

Which is better, an elder or the “translator” who signs for the deaf in our congregtion? One might be more “prestigious” and even viewed by some as powerful, but I don’t think God looks at it that way.

I’ll admit, I don’t have a clue why God stipulated that men should be in the teaching role in church. I can postulate. Eve, after all, was the one Satan deceived. Perhaps this restriction is a consequence, or even a protection against a repeat performance. Mere speculation on my part, and certainly something no man could say today without those loud cries of “misogeny” echoing from one end of the globe to the other.

And now I wonder if this is why we see a feminization of the church. The teachers—males—in evangelical churches are wary of a backlash should they teach what Scripture actually says about women and men and roles.

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