CSFF Blog Tour—Edenstar, Day 3

Be sure to click on over to Speculative Faith and read guest blogger Karen Hancock‘s post today.
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In case you didn’t catch it, Bill Bader, co-creator of the CSFF Blog Tour September focus, Edenstar Books and Games, participated in an interview posted on Monday at Speculative Faith.

One of the questions centered on what Bill sees for the future of Christian science fiction and fantasy:

RLM: What do you hope or believe is possible for Christian SFF and where do you see the genre now?

BB: I hope it can continue to grow as more Christian publishers take the risks of producing something that believers might find controversial. Sci fi has always been relegated to a small niche, and CSFF is a niche within a niche. But it can express truth in ways that mainstream Christian fiction can’t. That’s one of its greatest strengths, IMHO.

Much CSFF is published by smaller houses and never reaches bookstores. Fortunately, the Internet (which sci fi never predicted) has allowed us to learn of, list, and read some amazingly good books we never would have heard of otherwise. The numbers of reviews displayed for these books show that others are finding them as well. So there’s hope for growth and influence.

Bill’s remarks made me think more about this “small press approach” which Jeff Gerke also talked about. Jeff, of course, even hopes to establish a small press, print-on-demand, if I understood him correctly.

So my question: is that the way CSFF should go? Should we accept this characterization as a smaller niche within a small niche and look no higher than small slices of the publishing pie?

And then there was Narnia. And Lord of the Rings. And Harry Potter, to burst the idea that secular fantasy is a small niche.

Granted, not every SFF book hits those astronomical proportions, but I guess what I’m wondering is, If we never look to the possibility of writing for the populace at large, will we ever sell widely?

Not that we control sales, any more than we control which author gets published and when. But it seems to me, without shooting for the stars, we’ll never make it to the moon. (That’s the best I could do for a science metaphor! :-P)

If you haven’t already spent time at Edenstar, set aside some time today—or this weekend—and peruse to your heart’s content. Also check out what the other tourers are saying about this great CSFF resource:

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