CSFF Blog Tour—Edenstar, Day 1

Just last week, to illustrate that fantasy continues to be a strong draw in the culture at large, Mirtika Schultz posted information on a CSFF writers’ forum about three new ABA fantasy series with 2007 release dates.

Setting aside the fact that I wish Christians were leading the way instead of following, I think it’s crucial we’re not left on the side of the road altogether, collecting the settling dust from the hoards that passed on ahead.

I’m not alone. A number of other writers with a passion for speculative fiction continue to labor in the field and in the fields. Bill and Cheryl Bader, creators of Edenstar Books and Games, the featured CSFF Blog Tour web site for September, are among those who strive to get the word out to Christian science fiction and fantasy readers regarding the books they desire. (Be sure to read the interview with Bill Bader posted at Speculative Faith).

Edenstar, in existence since 2003, is a web site that catalogues over 600 CSFF books and games as well as providing or pointing to a number of reviews of the products. It is a fantasy reader’s gold mine.

Interestingly, Cheryl Bader is herself a fantasy writer, seeking a publisher for The Maker’s Pool. I read the opening chapter of the novel probably two years ago and still remember details leading up to the entrance into the fantasy world.

Authors like Karen Hancock and Sharon Hinck are doing their part to promote fantasy by including information about the Edenstar CSFF Blog Tour in their monthly newsletters. The more folks who know about a resource like Edenstar, the more can tell their friends, find books to buy, and increase the demand for CSFF literature.

Take time to read what these other fine bloggers on the September CSFF Tour have to say about Edenstar:

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Speculative Faith

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