This Is Not a Post

Nope, not a post—just play. I wanted to see if Sally Apokedak was right, that I could lift her oh-so-cute little emoticons from her site. And ya know, she was!

Here’s my favorite: mad Appropriate, doncha think? 😉

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  1. Yes, well I can do a lot of things that God has told me not to do.

    So get your grubby paws off my emoticons, Miller.


  2. Oh man! And I can’t even retalliate. I had the fish beating you over the head and everything but wordpress won’t let me post pictures on your site’s comment section.

    I suppose that’s a good thing. Just think of the spam that we might end up with if they allowed people to post pictures.

    Still, it’s a little unfair that you can steal from me and I can’t hit you with a slimey fish.


    Truth is you are welcome to any images on my site. I’ve gotten them all free and I’m happy to share.


  3. And I was so upset by the whole incident I forgot to run my spell check. Oops. “Retaliate” and “slimy” I meant to say. I’m so spell check dependant it’s not funny. Two misspellings in a hundred-word post.



  4. Girls will be girls!


  5. So how did you swipe ’em? I wouldn’t mind swiping some as well. The fish-slapper is my fave.


  6. Becky…is this you? Are you a Westmont grad? I’m looking for Becky Miller, ’71, misplaced friend…if not you, then you have many traits in common with my friend. Lois Young Kelly


  7. Youngster! 🙂

    Yep, it’s me! I tried finding you online when I heard of your job change.

    So how can I get in touch with you? We have some catching up to do!!



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