Donita K. Paul’s Blog Tour Wrap-up

Some business first. As per my earlier announcement, on Monday and Tuesday Jeff Gerke, fiction acquistions editor for NavPress, will be the guest blogger here at A Christian Worldview of Fiction. He will be sharing his thoughts about fantasy—something I don’t think you’ll want to miss.

Why Monday and Tuesday, you may wonder, instead of Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Monday? I’ve decided to switch to “summer hours.” In other words, for the time being, I will post on Monday through Friday rather than Monday through Saturday.

This change will be difficult for me—I find myself becoming very attached to this here little blog. It’s fun, makes me think, gives me a chance to write even when I have to work on something else, and your comments encourage and stretch me. Regardless, I think this move is for the best for now.

Hence my decision to feature Jeff Gerke on Monday and Tuesday. BTW, in case you didn’t realize it, Mr. Gerke is also an author—an aspiring fantasy author, who writes as Jefferson Scott. He has posted his prologue, a chapter, and a photo-enhanced map of his epic fantasy work in progress at his Jefferson Scott Novelist news and information site (not a blog—clearly not a blog! 😉 ) You are invited to enjoy his writing—mayhap on Saturday when there will be no new post here at A Christian Worldview of Fiction.

– – –

Today I want to wrap up round two of the Christian SF/Fantasy Blog Tour.

First, a big thank you to Donita for her help promoting the tour in her newsletter, for her cooperation answering questions for interviews, for her comments at many of the participating sites. I know it is time consuming, but it really is an encouragement when the featured writer gets involved in the tour. Thanks, too, to her publicist at WaterBrook for mailing out copies of the book for us to have available for review.

Second, a huge thank you to each of the bloggers. Some are not SFF authors, but they jumped in and added their voices to the promotion for DragonKnight (WaterBrook, 2006). Others are faithful SFF writers and part of the founders of our growing group. What a wonderful job they did, offering such varied material. A truly fun tour.

I promised you on Monday that I would give the answers to the non-quiz statements I listed. So, without further ado:

  • Ms. Paul lives in Colorado.
  • Before becoming a full time writer, Ms. Paul taught school.
  • Ms. Paul is a proud grandmother.
  • The DragonKeeper Chronicles are published by WaterBrook.
  • Along with fantasy, Ms. Paul has written romance.
  • Ms. Paul was “inspired” to write fantasy by reading Robert Jordan.
  • After DragonKnight there will be four more fantasies set in Amara. [DragonFire and three others].
  • Ms. Paul’s favorite part of writing is getting the checks. [I bet some of you missed that one 😉 ]
  • Concerning the imaginative elements in her stories, Ms. Paul credits lots and lots of reading.
  • When she writes, Ms. Paul concentrates first on developing the characters. [and if you’ve read any of the Dragon Keeper Chronicles, I bet you did NOT miss that one.]
  • OK, meet me back here Monday and Tuesday. You’ll learn what Jeff Gerke thinks is dangerous, what words he does not want in his fantasy, why he thinks fantasy is the perfect fit for Christians.

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