Fantasy and a Christian Worldview, Part 17

All this talk discussing what evil is not brought me to the next logical questions: What then is evil? What does the Bible say about it?

Before I got my NASB out to do a mini-word study, I heard Alistair Begg, pastor of Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio, on the radio broadcast Truth for Life. His text was Psalm 5. As he discussed the Psalm, he focused on what we can learn about prayer, but then he came to verse four:

For You are not a God who takes pleasure in wickedness;
No evil dwells with You. [NASB]

Cha-ching! There’s one piece of truth regarding the subject—God and evil don’t dwell together.

Still before I started my own search, I read from Morning and Evening, by Charles H. Spurgeon. This is Spurgeon’s meditations on a portion of some Scripture verse. Today that was from Psalm 97:10—”Hate evil, you who love the Lord …”

Well, there was another piece of truth. A command, really. I am to hate evil. Not be neutral toward it or tolerate it. Certainly not explain it away.

But listen to some of Spurgeon’s thoughts on the subject:

Thou hast good reason to “hate evil,” for only consider what harm it has already wrought thee. Oh, what a world of mischief sin has brought into thy heart! Sin blinded thee so that thou couldst not see the beauty of the Saviour; it made thee deaf so that thou couldst not hear the Redeemer’s tender invitations. Sin turned thy feet into the way of death, and poured poison into the very fountain of thy being; it tainted thy heart, and made it “deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked.” Oh, what a creature thou wast when evil had done its utmost with thee, before divine grace interposed.

Notice how quickly Spurgeon changed “evil” to “sin”? And this is not sin in the world. This is sin in me.

Evil and God don’t mix. I’m to hate evil. That’s a starting place.

I still did that mini-word search, especially focusing on “evil one” which seems to be a name used in Scripture for Satan, but I’ll save those observations for next time.

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