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Well, it’s official. The Feechie Love Poem contest at Sally Apokedak’s All About Children’s Books has ended.

There were somewhere around forty entries posted, including offerings from some highly touted children’s authors: Bryan Davis of Dragons in Our Midst (AMG/Living Ink) fame, R. K. Mortenson of Landon Snow (Barbour) repute, and Wayne Thomas Batson of The Door Within (Tommy Nelson) renown.

Of course the entire enterprise fed off the feechie creation of Jonathan Rogers, esteemed (I would have said brilliant, but in a moment you’ll see why I had to hold back on that classification) author of The Wilderking trilogy (Broadman & Holman).

Dr. Rogers himself sent a letter to the staff at Children’s Publishing News with his personal evaluation of the contest entries. You can read his remarks in their entirety as part of the latest All About Children’s Books post.

I have to admit—I get shivers of excitement when I think about how famous I’ll be some day having my name and a work I wrote referenced in a letter by such a man of distinction and learning. Though I may never live down the stinging censure.

To understand Dr. Rogers’s rebuke of yours truly, I think you need to read the poem in question:

The gal of my heart has some hair she must part—
Clumps on each of her perty, thin legs.
So I offer to comb both her trunks and her dome,
But she hangs me head first with some pegs.

To this work, Dr. Rogers said:

As for Becky’s later entry involving leg hair that can be combed…well, there’s feechie humor and there’s plain gross-out humor. Becky went over the line. I hope the Contest Sub-committee for Basic Decency docks her a point or two.

I ask you, faithful readers, did that little ditty really deserve this reprimand?

And to my sorrow, Dr. Rogers made no comment about the poem which I consider to be my best offering:

My love has a hook, like my shepherd’s bent crook,
That exists a tad south of her eyes.
When I tweak it a bit, she just throws a huge fit
And then swats me away with the flies.

I’ll let you be the judge.

At any rate, I offer my congratulations to the winner, twelve-year-old Aidan Beard (though I suspect his name may have played a part in his selection. I mean, how can a boy miss who shares his name with the protagonists of two of the hottest children’s Christian fantasies?) 😉

A big public thank you to Sally for bringing some genuine fun to the writing world.

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