Fantasy Blog Tour—Christian Fiction Review, Day 2

Just a little business to start off.

The other sites I mentioned that are also participating in this inaugural fantasy blog may not post every day this week, so you’ll need to check them out. (Note to self: on the next tour, it would be helpful to readers to know who is posting on what days). Anyway, here are other sites participating in the tour in some capacity:

Mirtika Schultz’s Mirathon blog 
Insights from Beth Goddard
Jason Joyner’s Spoiled for the Ordinary
Marci’s Writer Lee blog
Sally Apokedak’s All About Children’s Books blog
Steve Trower’s Old Testament Space Opera blog
Cheryl Russell’s Unseen Worlds blog
LaShaunda’s See You On The Net blog
Shannon McNear’s Shenandoah’s Eclectic Musings
Meg Mosley’s Megawriter blog
Stuart’s The Jerkrenak’s Den

Our emphasis this month is Tim Frankovich’s site Christian Fiction Review because he did a special Focus on Christian Fantasy. If you remember, the quote I posted from his fantasy page yesterday mentions that not all of the fantasy books Tim reviewed were included there, never mind the books he’s reviewed since. So I thought today I’d like to give some attention to those other reviews that I came across.

By the way, Tim’s site is so easy to navigate. If you love books and want to know what is available in Christian fiction, Christian Fiction Review is one of the best places to start. He has a well organized archive that allows you to search for a book by title or by author. If I were to give Tim one recommendation, it would be to add a third search based on genre, but that’s asking more of him than bookstores give at this point.

Now to Tim’s fantasy reviews not included in the Focus.

Heading up the list is the second of Bryan Davis’s popular Dragons in Our Midst series, The Candlestone. Tim admittedly took the hard road, reading and reviewing this book without having read the first in the series, Raising Dragons. Still, the review is quite helpful, I think.

Next, we have Ted Dekker’s fantasy trilogy, what Tim refers to as fantasy-suspense. The books include Black, Red, and White. Since I haven’t read these books, I leave it up to you to evaluate the reviews.

Kathryn Mackel is another writer for adults. The first book of her fantasy series is Outriders. As some of you know, I will be participating in a blog tour for Mackel later in the month, but unfortunately it does not feature her fantasy works.

L. A. Marzulli writes speculative fiction, supernatural thriller, or dark fantasy—take your pick of genre termonology. Tim reviewed two of these series books: The Unholy Deception and The Revealing.

In contrast to Marzulli, Daniel Robert’s book My Absent King is more nearly fairy-tale fantasy as Tim points out in his review.

Up next is R. K. Mortenson, author of the children’s/YA Landon Snow books: Landon Snow and the Auctor’s Riddle and Landon Snow and the Shadows of Malus Quidam. I’ve only read the first of these, but I found it as delightful as Tim did. Wonderful use of language. Lots of fun.

Finally—and I say finally knowing full well that there might be others I haven’t stumbled upon yet—that brings us to Jonathan Rogers and his delightful children’s fantasies: Bark of the Bog Owl and The Way of the Wilderking. These books are full of fun and so well written.

Happy reading.

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  1. […] A big correction. Becky Miller, over at A Christian Worldview of Fiction unearthed a review by Tim Frankovich of the second book in the Dragons in Our Midst series by Bryan Davis. […]


  2. oopsy. heh heh. I made the correction in two places to be sure people would see it. You can erase one of those pingbacks. They go through automatically–I wasn’t trying to spam you.


  3. “Faith of the Unforgotten” by Leathel Grody is a good human versus saurian fantasy story set in the distant future.


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